Internet of things

The development of IoT is opening up new possibilities.

Wind River Titanium

Titanium cloud is the industry's first fully integrated NFV platform.

Wind River Linux

Wind River Linux is the industry's leading commercial platform.

Data Center Security

A DC has to protect data against both external and internal threats.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous driving is one of the most exciting applications of computing currently in development.

Autonomous Vehicles

Security and Trust

Security and trust are vitally important for wearables because they will control physical access to people’s home, office and cars.

Security and Trust

Proactive Health

Individuals, companies, governments and insurers are seeking to redefine the healthcare model to focus on prevention first.

Proactive Health

Evolving Smart Home

A smart home is a complex system that requires diverse technology components and advanced software, all at a consumer cost point and ease-of-use.

Evolving Smart Home

Processor Mezzanines

Intel® and NXP Mezzanines in XMC, PMC, and COM Express® form factors.

Processor Mezzanine

Intel® and NXP SBCs in VPX, CompactPCI, and VME form factors.


High-performance, configurable FPGA modules in 3U VPX, XMC, and 6U LRM form factors.

FPGA Modules

High-capacity power supplies for military, aerospace, and vehicle applications.

Power Supplies